Barcelona vs Panathinaikos will the fourth round of this year Euroleague, which will take place in Palau Blaugrana (Spain). A few years ago this could be considered one of the greatest matchups, but now it seems Barca are way ahead of their opponents, especially when they hired coach Jasikevicius. Panathinaikos, on the other hand, don’t look so confident and it is hard to imagine here a fair fight, however, seems Barcelona will have to play without their superstar Mirotic and it gives a huge advantage for the opponents. To have more insights, please read our Barcelona vs Panathinaikos preview below.


Barca is considered one of the favorites of the season and not without a reason. Team brought Calathes, Mirotic stayed, it seems that no one can challenge them. Jasikevicius started to live up to his reputation and push the team to it’s limits. However, so far they lack practice and it seems that opponents can use this opportunity to grab a very important point. This will be played in Spain, which means Barca will have an advantage of home arena, nevertheless, they must show some good quality game in this match, because Panathinaikos although weaker, are still dangerous team.


These are hard a few last years for Panathinaikos. Since Obradovic’s departure team has lost it’s elite reputation and started more often to lose than to win. However, everyone knows that they are still dangerous. But Pao must improve their game if they want to challenge for top 8. So far they are looking like most of the other teams. They lack practice and quality. There are too many mistakes in their game, and it is hard for players themselves when they must play fast and slow basketball every few minutes. Their opponent this time is very strong and motivated, because Barca will challenge for the first place, but Pao has a huge advantage because Mirotic was infected with Covid-19, and most likely will miss this game.

Barcelona vs Panathinaikos H2H

Both teams have faced each other 3 times in the last two years with Barca winning all three. But for Pao, it is a good opportunity to improve their record.