Barcelona vs Olympiacos will be the ninth round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Barcelona. So far both teams are showing good results, while Olympiacos won 5 games already, Barcelona won 7. So this should be a very interesting game. To have more insights on this Barcelona vs Olympiacos game, please read our preview below.


After signing Jasikevicius as coach and Calathes as their point guard, Barcelona instantly became favourites to win this year Euroleague. And they are proving experts to be right. Losing only one game and in the last game against Fenerbahce, they won by 42 points. Coach himself said it is unimaginable and it only proves how good Spaniards are this year. Barca are dangerous on both sides and it seems they just keep getting better. Nevertheless, they are facing Olympiacos, the team that cannot be underestimated. They have many experienced players, but on this occasion, Barca’s speed will be a huge advantage for them, because Olympiacos has troubles with their defence. Spanoulis, Sloukas and Printezis will be the main targets to attack because they are veterans and too slow to stop faster players.


Olympiacos started this season with a very poor game against Zalgiris and it seemed that nothing has changed since the last season. But then they managed to defeat Panathinaikos, Olimpia, Maccabi, Zenit and Alba. It only proves how difficult it is to play when you lack of practice. And it was the main disadvantage that stopped them from winning against Zalgiris. Nevertheless, it seems that Oly are finally finding their game and improving very fast. However, their opponent this time is the strongest team in Europe this season. So this will be a very difficult game for the Greeks. But if they will manage to stop Barca from the fast game, Oly would have more chances of winning.

Barcelona vs Olympiacos H2H

Both teams faced each other four times in the past 2 years and Olympiacos managed to win just once. This is a chance for them to improve their record against Barca.

This should not be the most difficult game for Barca, but if they will underestimate Olympiacos, it might become difficult. However, knowing Jasikevicius, Barca should be prepared properly and will win this game at least by 10 points.  Nevertheless, Olympiacos might stop them from running all time and it might be a game with fewer points than usual, but still, Barca is just too good to be defeated against Olympiacos.