Barcelona vs Fenerbahce will be the ninth round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Palau Blaugrana (Spain). Both teams are considered to be amongst the strongest in Europe, but for they are showing very different results, while Barcelona is in the 3rd place, Fenerbahce has only 2 wins and are in 15th place. Surely, the Turks must find their game, otherwise, they might bring the biggest surprise in a few years by not qualifying into top8. Please read our preview about this interesting Barcelona vs Fenerbahce Euroleague match, here below.


In the previous round, Barca suffered only 2nd loss against their biggest rivals Real Madrid in an away game. So far they are sharing the 1-6th place and it shows how much Barcelona has improved during the summer. Nevertheless, it is only the beginning of the tournament, so they still have a very long road to go. Barca is very depended on their highest-paid player Mirotic and also Higgins. Both players are their key to the win.


The Turks are looking nothing like themselves with only 2 wins in 8 games, they are in the 15th place. And now Fenerbahce is facing one of the strongest teams in Europe in their own arena. So far, Barca has won 6 home games in a row, so this will be extremely difficult for Fenerbahce to win there. Considering that they just lost by 18 points against CSKA in an away game as well. But Obradovic is one of the greatest coaches not without a reason and surely will find a way to surprise an opponent. Because otherwise, it might be another crushing loss, and maybe the time will come to start looking for some changes.

Barcelona vs Fenerbahce H2H

Both teams have 20 times in the past 10 years and Barcelona has won 11 times, but the last 6 meetings ended with a win by Fenerbahce, so maybe this fact will give them some self-trust.


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