This is the first game of Euroleague playoffs at Abdi İpekçi Arena, in Istanbul. This will be the first leg in the playoffs, yet not the first their meeting this season. Since Anadolu finished above Barcelona, this should quite impressive pair. This is an entertaining game, so please review our thoughts here below.


Anadolu Efes

The Anadolu Efes had a tough start at seasons beginning, in result coach Velimir Perasovic was fired and team reunited with Ergin Ataman. However, everything was changing slowly as they managed to win only 2 games of the next 10. But home games were the ones that led them to believe they can make it to playoffs. Ataman has his way to build a team, there are rumors about his belief in discipline, however, it seems to start working.

Teams result mostly depend on Adrien Moerman avg 12.3 points per game. Rodrigue Beaubois 10.6 ppg and Shane Larkin 10.1 ppg. The team is quite dangerous from 3pt range, averaging 40.7%. The whole team averages 85.4 points per game, it shows that the team likes to run and score, fast break points will be very important in this pair. This is a very dangerous team, if the opponent will let them play like they used to, it becomes very difficult to win.



Barca finished the regular season of Euroleague with 18 wins and 12 losses it is the second season when they are struggling to perform as they used to, finished the regular season with only 3 wins out of last 6 games, involving a tragic loss to Anadolu 92:70. However, with a start of playoffs, it is possible that they will provide a better quality game. Guests know what is it like to play here, and they know they just can’t fail in the first stage.

The team is well balanced, there are several players who carry teams play such as Thomas Heurtel avg 10.5 ppg, Kevin Seraphin 8.5 ppg, and Adam Hanga 8.6 ppg, also big help comes from Chris Singleton who averages 8 points per game. Barca likes to play rather from close range, they are not very dangerous from 3 point range averaging only 36.7% of three points. However under the rim, they collect 34.9 rebounds, that is impressive, and this is where they are dangerous. They don’t make many fast break points, choosing slow possession, and looking for free players. This is the team with history and opponents just can’t underestimate them because it might a big mistake.



Both teams shared home win this season, but from last 5 meetings, Barca has 3 victories. Seems that the home arena is a big element in this pair.


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