This will be the decisive match between these two teams in Euroleague playoffs at Abdi İpekçi Arena, in Istanbul. Series is tied 2:2, so far it will be a most important game for both teams this season. This will be a very interesting game, please read our preview below.


Anadolu Efes

The Turks have been showing very good form from the mid-season, and they continue doing so in the playoffs, except the game they lost to Barcelona at home. However, they managed to win in Spain and took back home-court advantage. Very interesting to watch how they play, as they have drastically changed their game plan. It is now very clever, they just adapt to the opponent and are to play various ways.

It doesn’t matter if the opponent likes to play fast basketball, Anadolu likes to play fast as well, they can play the run-shoot game, and if it is their day, they will bury the opponent with 3 point shots. The team is showing a good attitude and motivation to win, so it will be a very difficult task for Barcelona to win again away game.


Barca have been struggling whole season, of course, they had good moments, but they are very unpredictable, and it causes a lot of problems, for example losing home court advantage. Now they are forced to win in Istambul. Barca doesn’t play well in away games, from last 10 games managed to win only 4. If they don’t show the right attitude it will be their last match in Euroleague this season.

Kuric, Tomic, Seraphin, Singleton, Pangos these are the key players, who must step up if they don’t want to close this season. However, since it is the 7th match between these teams this season. Turks will surely have tactics on how to eliminate them from the game again. Of course, we are talking about Barcelona, they are one of the biggest clubs in Europe. They can never be underestimated, but they must perform better.



As mentioned before, this will be the 7th meeting this season in Euroleague. The results are 3:3 but both teams managed to win away game, so it only gives more intrigue.


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