Alba Berlin vs Zalgiris Kaunas will be the 11th round of this year Euroleague which will take place in Mercedez-Benz Arena, in Germany. So far both teams are struggling in Euroleague and have only 3 wins and 7 losses. So this game is very important for both teams if they want to even think about top8. To have more insights on this Euroleague Alba Berlin vs Zalgiris Kaunas match please read our preview below.

Alba Berlin

Alba started the season in Euroleague very well, especially playing home, however, later the loses came. They lost 3 out of 4 last home games and are at the bottom of the table. Team has potential and spirits, but sometimes it seems they don‘t know how to play on defence. In the previous game, they allowed Olympiacos to score 99 points, also Zvezda scored 80. With this kind of numbers, it is very difficult to win, because obviously, you have to score more. Also, Alba has a player who knows the current opponent very well. Rokas Giedraitis used to play in Lithuania, so clearly, he knows very well Zalgiri’s strengths and weaknesses.

Zalgiris Kaunas

Zalgiris is once again struggling at the beginning of the season. For now, they have 4 straight loses and have some tough games ahead. However, the team has signed K.C. Rivers and this is a huge boost for the whole team. Because this player has won Euroleague, has a lot of experience and can be a leader. The team needed something fresh because in their previous game they looked helpless and managed to score only 59 points against Zvezda in front of their own fans.

Alba Berlin vs Zalgiris Kaunas H2H

Both teams faced each other 6 times and shared 3 wins. However, every time it was the home team who won, so this gives a huge advantage for the Germans.


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