Venezia vs Rytas will be the 10th round of this year Eurocup which will take place in Palasport Giussepe Taliercio Arena (Italy). Both teams already secured their places and this game has only impact Rytas, they can take 3rd place in the group if they win or 4th if they lose. So it should be interesting to see how group leaders will decide to play and if Rytas will be able to once again surprise everyone. To have more insights on this EuroCup Venezia vs Rytas match please read our preview below.


Venezia started season with two losses in a row and seemed they are going to struggle all season. But then Italians won 7 straight games, the longest winning run in Eurocup, and in the previous round secured 1st place. However, even being assured to not lose their spot, it would be a bitter ending to lose the last round in front of their own fans. Surely Venezia should not be afraid of opponents since they won in Vilnius on their previous meeting.


Rytas are playing very unstable this season, but it might that it was all about pressure. Now that they have finally secured their place in the next round, the team finally can start improving. Rytas’ performance against Tofas was very good in the previous round, however this time they are facing a stronger opponent in their own arena, against whom they lost the first time. So this will be even harder for Lithuanians, nevertheless, if they will keep playing with same spirit and focus, they might win. But it will be all about attitude, attitude if they will start playing knowing to be safe, Venezia might crush them easily.

Venezia vs Rytas H2H

Both teams faced each other only time. It was 5th rounds of this year Eurocup, where Venezia won 72:81.


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