This is the 3rd and final match between these two teams in Euro Cup Final. Considering that the winner of this game will qualify to Euroleague, this should be a very hard and interesting game. This is an entertaining game between Valencia Basket and Alba Berlin, so please review our thoughts here below.


Valencia Basket

Valencia has suffered first defeat in Eurocup since Top 16, and they were seconds away from becoming champions. Of course, it hurts, but the team will be motivated to win the title in their own arena. The stakes are high, qualification to Euroleague. Valencia has most Eurocup titles-4, it is their 6th final. They know how to play here, and will do everything to play next season among the best Europe teams.

Teams roster is well balanced, there are several players who are team’s leaders, the team is not depended on one player. Will Thomas is Valencia’s leader this series avg 18.5 point per game also is second averaging 3 assists per game. Also, players to watch are B.Dubljevic and M.Thommas, these three players are Valencias key to victory. The Spanish team is also very good in making rebounds. In their first match Valencia won the fight for rebounds 42:24, it only shows how they are dangerous from close range and from three-point range. This team knows how to play in finals and surely will do everything to repeat their previous performance in earlier successful finals.


Alba Berlin

Alba survived a true scare in their own arena managing to survive only by beating Valencia after overtime. However, it might be an inspiration to repeat such performance in Spain. Teams last results should be very motivating at home as they have won 8 last matches of 9 games, their only loss, was exactly to Valencia. Moreover, they have their job at home, forcing Valencia to try to close the series at home. So Germans are going to this match knowing the stakes, and with inspiration from the last meeting.

Players to watch, first of all-Rokas Giedraitis, if he will be left free, every opponent will have trouble, the guy loves playing fast basketball and also shooting from three-point range. Hermannsson and Siva are irreplaceable to germans as well, averaging 13.1 and 15.3 points per game, it was Siva who forced overtime, making a layup with remaining 2.2seconds. It only shows that this guy is not afraid of responsibility, and might be the key player to Alba. Germans are going to final battle knowing that they have beaten Valencia once, and they can try to do it again.



Teams faced each other 2 times this season, first time Valencia controlled all game and 89:75. However, last time Alba managed to reach a victory after overtime 95:92.


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