Tofas vs Partizan will be the seventh round of this year Eurocup, which will take place in Tofas Spor Salonu (Turkey). So far, both teams are performing well, and are very close to secure their place in the second round, however, there is still a possibility for Partizan to lose the 1st place in the group, so this should be a very interesting match, please read our preview about this thrilling Euro Cup Tofas vs Partizan match, here below.


Tofas started this season very well, already has 9 points in the group and for now 3rd place, only 2 points away from the 1st place. However, the opponent this time is very tough, because so far Partizan has suffered only one loss, it was in the previous round against Venezia, so clearly, the Serbians will be angry on themselves, and will try to secure their place in the next round. Last time Tofas lost at home, was against Lokomotiv, in September, since then, they have won all 5 games at home, and surely they are planning to win their sixth.


In the previous round, Partizan could have been a team that secured their place in the second round in the fastest way, but they lost at home against Venezia, and now they are in danger of losing 1st place. Nevertheless, knowing how devoted Partizan players are, and how well they play this season, it is hard to imagine, that the Serbians would lose a second time in a row. It was only second loss this season for them, including local cup, so the results speak for itself. It will be a tough game, but Partizan is clearly a better team for now.

Tofas vs Partizan H2H

Their only meeting was at the beginning of the season, then Partizan won at home 93:80.  Now, the Turks have a chance to equal the balance.


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