Rytas vs Venezia will be the fifth round of this year Eurocup which will take place in Siemens Arena (Lithuania). So far both teams are performing not as they are capable, so this game is vital because the winner most likely will be above loser at the end of the group. So this should be a very interesting EuroCup Rytas vs Venezia game, please read our preview below.


Rytas started Eurocup with a surprising win against Lokomotiv, however, then followed 3 losses in a row, and for now, Lithuanians are in 6th place. This is a vital game for them, as they know that losing this game would leave only theoretical chances to advance further. If Rytas wants to win, the key factor is to stop making so many turnovers. It was the main problem in the match against Tofas and Partizan. However, the big advantage will be the home arena, and knowing that Venezia has lost 6 away games in a row, will only give more self-trust for them.


Venezia was one of the weakest teams in a group, however, they won both home games against Tofas and Limoges and for now share 3rd place with Tofas and Lokomotiv. It should be a very big disadvantage for Italians to play away game because they haven’t won any away games in the last 6 attempts. Venezia is performing well at home in both fronts, but san like a different team when they play away game and it might be a key factor, because Rytas managed to win against Lokomotiv and if Venezia will loose against Russians at home, they will have to win at least one away game if they want to advance further.

Rytas vs Venezia H2H

This will be the first time both teams face each other, however, surely both teams have made some analysis about opponents and will be prepared some surprises.


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