Partizan vs Venezia will be the sixth round of this year Eurocup which take place in Aleksandar Nikolic Hall (Serbia). So far both teams are in very different positions and also perform very differently, so it should be an interesting game to watch. Please read our preview about thrilling EuroCup Partizan vs Venezia game, here below.


In summer Partizan have transferred Jock Landale but managed to sign Artiom Porokhouski from Vilniaus Rytas. And so far it seems like a very good move because Partizan have won every group match 5/5.  They only lost two games in the local cup. It is quite surprising, because, before the start of the season, everyone predicted Lokomotiv to take 1st place, however, Partizan is showing that they mean business and their destination is coming back to Euroleague. Serbians have already secured a ticket to the next round, however with 5 matches remaining to play, they need to secure 1st place in the group. And they have a good opportunity to extend their winning streak, as they face Venezia at home which they defeated in an away game.


Before the season it seemed that Italy champions will have big troubles in such a competitive group, however, they are proving otherwise. After 5 matches Venezia is holding 2nd place and have almost secured a place into the next round, although there is a question in which place they will remain after the next 5 games. Now they face a much stronger team against which Italians lost at home, so this will be a very tough challenge for them, but surely nothing is impossible. Italians have defeated Rytas in an away game while being underdogs, so there is a small chance they can repeat it and If they will win, the next round will be almost secured.

Partizan vs Venezia H2H

Their only meeting was a month ago in Italy where Partizan have won 63:66. It was a tough game, so this one should be easier for Serbians as they are hosts this time.


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